What We Do

Ace Event Management has been trading since 1992 and is based in the United Kingdom.

ACE has diversified into events right across the trade and development spectrum. As well as its own shows, such as the annual Water Africa and West African Building & Construction exhibitions, the company has managed bilateral trade events for the British Government , events for the European Union, the Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa and the Commonwealth Business Council. ACE is heavily involved in the promotion of The Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water, sponsored by Saudi Arabia's 2nd Deputy Prime Minister.


Conferences and Seminars

The organisational skills of ACE's Managing Director, Tracey Nolan-Shaw, predate the company, as she was involved in organising a series of water technology conferences in Nairobi in the 1980s.


Since the inception of ACE Event Management, conferences and seminars have been organised in the fields of agriculture, building & construction, commerce and investment, mining and energy, and general trade. Events have been held in countries all over Europe and Africa including: Egypt, France, Greece, Ghana, Italy, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The company's conference organisational skills cover management of events from start to finish. This encompasses:


• Planning the conference venue and programme and inviting papers or speakers;

• Hiring the venue, furniture, catering, audio-visual equipment etc;

• Preparing publicity materials and undertaking direct mailing, advertising and other publicity activities;

• Seeking and signing-up corporate sponsorship to offset the event costs;

• Selling conference registrations and collecting registration fees;

• Liaising with relevant Ministries, trade organisations and NGOs during the build-up to the event to confirm conference topics and obtain mailing lists.

• Preparation, including editing and printing, of preprints of conference papers;

• Arrangement of travel and accommodation for delegates and speakers;

• Liaising with Government Ministries, greeting and entertaining Ministers and Heads of State, and undertaking necessary protocol both prior to and during the event;

• Organisation of receptions and dinners during events, and entertainment.

• Management of the event as it takes place, including provision of necessary personnel, and dealing with post-event payments, clear-up etc.

If the conference is being organised on behalf of a client, the client would be fully involved in prior discussions on all the above.




ACE has organised 34 trade exhibitions in the past decade mainly in the development sectors and general trade shows. To the annual Water Africa exhibition, the company has now added a Building & Construction exhibition. ACE has also organised and marketed an annual trade show alongside the European Desalination Society's conferences on Desalination & Water Reuse, which in recent years have visited France, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Italy and Morocco.


For the UK government, the company has organised trade weeks in Mauritius (twice), Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. The company was honoured when the UK-Mozambique Partnership Week in 1999 was opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In all the UK trade events, the company worked closely with the UK Department of Trade & Industry, the relevant High Commissions, the British Council and the host Governments.


The EU-COMESA Trade & Investment Exhibition in Zambia in 2000 was a particularly successful event, sponsored by the European Union, and involving national delegations from most of the 19 states of COMESA (the Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa).



Promotion and Public Relations

The EU-COMESA event led the company to continuing work with COMESA in the planning and execution of a series of events in various COMESA member states as part of an awareness campaign to promote the newly achieved common market.


During the UK-Mauritius Trade Week in 2001, ACE in co-operation with Manchester United FC, organised a tournament in Mauritius for the Manchester United Under-16 side, which was a great success. Football coaching sessions and workshops were also undertaken with the assistance of the British Council and former Arsenal and England full-back Kenny Samson.


Since 2003, ACE Event Management ran a global promotional campaign on behalf of the Prince Sultan Bin Adbulaziz International Prize for Water. This involved booking and manning stands at international exhibitions and conferences in Australia, Greece, Italy, Japan, Russia and the USA. The company assists with the public relations of the Prize, and also briefed and accompanied the head of the Saudi Arabian Prize Secretariat at a number of these events. This work is still continuing.

To conclude, ACE Event Management has a huge depth of experience in organising and running events and promotions, especially in Africa.


ACE can act as a main contractor, organising events from start to finish, or as a sub-contractor undertaking, for instance, activities on the ground in a particular country. Whatever the job in the conferences/exhibitions field, ACE has the experience and expertise to make a success of it.







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